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Wood Panelling in Melbourne for Interior Walls

Do you want to add style and aesthetic appeal to your interior walls? Are you looking for solutions that are eco-friendly and affordable? At Cubin Design, we can provide wood panelling in Altona and greater Melbourne for interior walls using recycled timber wall panels. This not only adds character, but also creates balance, symmetry and consistency with its clean, smooth lines.

Our highly trained and experienced experts can supply and install recycled timber wall panelling for residential and commercial properties across Altona and greater Melbourne. If you want a simple and easy-to-apply solution that can liven up otherwise dull and unimaginative spaces, wall panels can achieve the aesthetic effect you desire. Discover what we can do for you.

The Key Benefits of Timber Panelling

There are various benefits that installing timber wall panels can have throughout the interior of your Melbourne property. Some of these include:

  • Visually appealing – With their elegant and stylish look, wood panels have a timeless appeal and can look as classic as they do contemporary. Whether they’re used as part of a home renovation or for an office or shop fitout, we can customise the style and painting of them to suit your unique tastes and deliver amazing results every time.
  • Insulation benefits – You can exercise control over the temperature in the room thanks to the thermal insulation properties that our recycled timber wall panels have. This has the added benefit of reducing energy costs that would otherwise have been spent on using heating and cooling systems, as well as reducing harmful carbon emissions.
  • Conceals unsightly wiring – Wood panelling for interior walls can hide electrical wiring and offers safety benefits in addition to its aesthetic properties. You won’t have to worry about tripping and fire hazards, or young children coming into contact with exposed wiring. This will also make your property look much tidier and feel much safer.
  • Reduces unwanted noise – As well as insulating from heat and providing environmental advantages by cutting carbon emissions, timber wall panels also offer insulation from excess noise. They reduce the spread of noise coming from adjacent rooms and stop loud noises from outside disturbing you while you’re inside, giving you the peace and quiet you deserve.
  • Modular replacement – Has one of your recycled timber wall panels become damaged? If that damage hasn’t spread to the panels on the surrounding wall, then replacing the panel is simple. We can easily replace damaged panels thanks to their modular nature, saving costs on more extensive repairs and replacements.

Frequently Asked Timber Panelling Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions we receive about wood panelling for interior walls in Altona and greater Melbourne include:

What is a Wood Panel?

Wooden panels are decorative coverings that embellish interior walls. They can be an extremely stylish and exciting way of adding aesthetic appeal and value to homes, but they should not be used as structural components or installed in areas with high humidity.

Are There Different Types of Wood Panels?

Yes, there are multiple options to choose from depending on your needs and preferences. One option is laminate panels that capture the look of real wood at lower prices. Another option is veneer panels that can be stained or painted to deliver unique colours and patterns.

How Much Do Wood Panels Cost?

There’s no fixed cost for wood panels. How much you spend will depend on what type of panel you choose, how many you order, where they’re installed, and how much work is involved.

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